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Visit the tent cities.  Packing up all the supplies proved to be more time-consuming than we originally expected.

Myrlande directs Susan, Noah, and Heather on packing distribution kits


Baby supplies were in high demand in the tent cities, which is understandable.  Imagine changing and caring for multiple babies on the dirt floor of a makeshift tent, in extreme heat, with no place to launder cloth diapers, no wipes, and no baby food.  Susan and Heather worked hard at getting the kits ready for us in time.

Susan and Heather display packed baby supply kits

Everyone took turns helping to fill ziplock bags of rice and other food.

Lindsay Musser and Susan Saunders help pack distribution kits

Carl Drew helps to fill bags of rice

Andy takes his turn filling rice bags


Noah and Kenndhy display full bags of rice for the distribution

We loaded up the truck with boxes and bags of supplies and food to distribute and drove up the road to the tent city near our hotel.   This was a tent city we passed every day on our way to the clinic.

Noah and young friends from the tent city












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April 12, 2010 at 8:46 PM

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